How To Write a Will

Writing a will can be a complex process. Many people choose to hire an estate planning attorney. Others will try to write the will themselves. To provide the best outcome for your friends and family, you need your will to be as accurate and legally bound as possible. If you choose to write your will yourself, the following steps can help get you started.

Steps to Writing Your Will

Find a Template

There are templates online that you can use to write your will. You may find a book with clauses or software that puts it together for you. The document should be typed. Handwritten wills are not always accepted in court. The following tools can help you make a will that you can trust:

Nolo’s Quicken Will Software
Estate Planning Books
Nolo’s Online Will

What to Include In Your Will

Your will should reflect your belongings and recipients. This can be a time-consuming process. Common assets included in a will is money, estates, and goods. Some wills may include debt. You will need to address all or some of the following in your will;

  • Guardianship of children
  • Provider for pets
  • Executor of will
  • How debt is paid
  • How property distributed

If you work with an attorney, the executor of your will is the attorney. You can rest assured that your wishes are followed through to your desired intent.

Make Your Will Legal

Without making your will legal, it will not be binding. You will need a few things to make it legal. The will must be signed, observed by two witnesses, and have a self-signing affidavit.

A will is important for everyone. When you write your will it is essential that it is legal, binding, and has all of the necessary information to ensure your property is distributed correctly. An experienced estate planning attorney can create a will that you can trust. Contact The Elmer Law Firm to speak with an estate attorney in Tuscaloosa, Jasper, and West Alabama.


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